Meet The Trading Broker

Online Trading Broker

Trading brokers are lucky enough to share the same field with bankers, lawyers and accountants–that is, they earn a living by sharing information most people don’t know.

Thing is there are those who take advantage of this powerful position. Another thing is, even though the Internet has made it much easier to take control of one’s portfolio, you still need to hire the services of a trading broker if you want to engage in trading stocks and bonds.

If trading brokers are such a big risk already, imagine the case with online trading brokers. This isn’t saying you shouldn’t trust online trading brokers completely. Instead as an amateur trader try your best to compare online trading brokers for the following.

  • Introductory offer – Online trading broker often hold a special offer to bait newcomers. These are helpful, alright, but it shouldn’t affect your decision.
  • Cost per trade – Amateur investors like you are more likely to invest in small amounts just to get their feet wet. Among online trading brokers, discount costs range from free to $12, just about, depending on certain conditions.
  • Minimum account balance – As a beginner, you should pick an online trading broker that offers a minimum account balance of zero up to $2,000.

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