Meet The Trading Broker

Stock Trading Broker

“Want to get rich? Invest in stock trading.” That’s what they always say. But thing is, not everybody knows much about stock trading. For the average person stock trading seems too complex to be even worth bothering with.

If you really want to try your hand in stock trading, but don’t have much knowledge about it whatsoever, then consider hiring a stock trading broker. That’s the best piece of advice anyone could give you on the subject.

What’s a stock trading broker?

A stock trading broker, or simply stockbroker or stock broker, is a professional broker, regulated by several institutions, who buys and sells company shares and other securities through Agency Only Firms or market makers on behalf of investors.

In other words, investors provide the money, stock trading brokers handle the all the dirty work of analyzing stocks and buying and selling shares.

A stock trading broker performs roles similar to financial advisors and investment advisors. Take note a stock trading broker may also function as an investment broker, and vice versa. The best stock trading brokers are those who could perform several roles at the same time.

Most stock trading brokers in the US are registered under the Futures Commission Merchants (FCM).


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